101 things about me

1. I have 2 amazing children who are 18 months apart and teach me a lot about the world
2. I was married before I met my current husband.
3. I cheated on that husband with my current husband.
4. My current husband is gay.
5. I am trying to divorce my current husband.
6. I call my current gay husband GH to my friends and family
7. I am very angry at GH for lying to me about being gay
8. I am trying to forgive him and be sympathetic to his pain
9. I feel very manipulated and used by him
10. Still, I am very thankful and grateful for all that I have in my life
11. I thought I needed a vice to numb my anger and disappointment
12. I tried drinking heavily; I didn’t like being drunk.
13. I used to smoke pot in college, i have no desire to now
14. I used to smoke cigarettes but I detest the smell now
15. I flirted with the idea of eating disorders, but I failed
16. I love to exercise and go to the gym
17. I am more physically fit than I was 20 years ago
18. I didn’t really enjoy sex with my first husband or GH
19. I want a man to make me feel beautiful and compliment me
20. I found that sex was really fun with someone who was into me
21. Since GH split, I have had a lot of sex with a few people
22. One person was 15 years younger than me.
23. One person was married to someone else
24. One person was an old high school boy friend
25. One person was a friend from a long time ago.
26. I fell in love with the friend from a long time ago
27. Because of his job, I won’t see him again; maybe ever and that makes my heart sad
28. I don’t think he can give me what I need but I am still emotionally committed and am emotionally paralyzed
29. I want to move away from the town GH brought me to
30. I want to raise our kids by my family, not his
31. I love to travel
32. I wish I could speak a foreign language
33. I am very intimidated by good looking people
34. I feel invisible sometimes and have social anxiety
35. I don’t like being in intimate social settings
36. I am a quick judge of character
37. Rarely do I judge people wrongly
38. I don’t censor my thoughts enough
39. I love doing yoga
40. Yoga is teaching me to be patient
41. I wish I were inspiring to people
42. I don’t have any phobias
43. I enjoy being by myself, but sometimes get lonely
44. I prefer the company of my kids and their friends to many adults
45. I get annoyed at people who are fat and lazy
46. I am inspired by people who are fit, attractive and make it all seem effortless
47. I hate ignorant people
48. I hate fast food
49. I love my dad’s cooking
50. collect recipes but usually don’t follow the directions
51. I love baking chocolate chip cookies and making home made ice cream
52. I don’t like eating packaged food with lots of ingredients I can’t pronounce
53. I think factory farming is disgusting
54. I don’t like to eat meat because I am afraid of where it is processed
55. I don’t think hunting is wrong, but if you hunt the animal should be killed humanely an eaten not wasted
56. I can shoot a gun, but don’t want my kids to
57. I love looking at the stars at night and can identify a lot of constellations and planets
58. I prefer the night to the day
59. I like camping in a tent
60. I hate RV camping
61. I love the ocean and the beach. I don’t mind sand in my hair or on my body
62. I enjoy singing but am not very good at it
63. I believe most people have a ‘good side’ and I try and find it
64. I love to play tennis but am not very good at it
65. I love to see movies in the theater on the day the movie comes out
66. I love movie theater popcorn and put the fake butter on it with milk duds
67. I like to spy on people and eavesdrop on conversations.
68. I am very curious about how things work and why people do what they do
69. I used to take real kickboxing, not the aerobic girly kind. I spared. I was pretty good at it.
70. I love dogs but don’t want one in my house
71. I like having snakes for pets
72. I like to play video games
73. I am a terrible decorator
74. Mostly all flowers I’ve planted died
75. I wish I were more creative
76. I love having flowers sent to me
77. I love to cook
78. My favorite food is pizza
79. I don’t really like vegetables
80. I love to grocery shop but hate to shop for clothes
81. I buy food that I don’t know how to cook and it often goes bad
82. I buy clothes that don’t match or don’t fit well
83. I have a closet full of nothing to wear and uncomfortable shoes
84. I wish I were more stylish
85. I would be happy living in a small house
86. I love the mountains
87. Native American Indian lore fascinate me
88. I believe in reincarnation, psychics and the supernatural
89. I believe in aliens and life ‘out there’
90. The smell of cut grass, the sound of thunder and rain, and cloudy days make me happy
91. Dental hygiene is very important to me
92. Dying doesn’t scare me
93. I am not sure I believe in god as a single source of good
94. I went to Catholic school and feel guilty about a lot
95. I like living on a farm, but miss being near a city
96. I like expensive perfumes
97. I like wearing short skirts and looking sexy
98. I want to find my soul mate and have amazing porn star sex
99. I don’t think most people tell the truth
100. I am afraid of being honest
101. This list is truthful


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