Getting there from here

I drive along and that the lyrics from Talking Heads song, Once in a LIfetime  pops in my head, “And you may ask your self, well, ‘how did I get here?'”

How did I get here here to Mapdot, USA? There are generally three categories of people who live here. Those who are from here, those who are from near here and those who relocated.

Those who are from here have family that goes back generations. Family friendships go back far and regardless of how old someone is, they talk about high school, going so far as to pull yearbooks out to reference the subject of the current gossip. GH and his family are from here.

Those who are from near to here relocated to the area because the may have graduated from the regional university or they found some reason to escape their own home town and this was a safe and comfortable distance.

Those who are not from here usually got here the way I did. By marriage and subsequent relocation. The area is very rural and has very little industry other than the regional university, a couple of junior colleges and the regional hospital which tends to draw professionals to the area.

With beautiful rolling hills and a large national forrest and lakes, the area is ideal for outdoorsy hunter types and as a result draws some tourists to the area. Other tourists come to enjoy wine from the local wineries. The area is ideal for growing grapes and a couple decades ago there were some pioneers who blazed a trail and created a new industry. And that is how I got here.

GH and I bought a vineyard and grew a small regional farm in to a large tourist attraction. He was responsible for all the farming and viticulture areas of the business (the outdoor/man work) and I was responsible for the branding and sales channels. Our business grew and now is an established stop for many tourists in the area. It is like our third child that he will get custody of. I will not be engaged in the business or able to benefit from it financially. And I don’t want any part of it because it is the symbol of deception and the place where he would court and entertain his prospective partners. It makes me sick to see our dream as the backdrop for his fantasy land.

As a result, my time here is over. I need to get my life back, the life that was on course before I took a detour and trusted the GH to lead us here into his web of lies. I don’t want our kids raised in this environment and I’m ready to fight for my rights to leave.

The next place I go will be intentional and I will know exactly how I got there.


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