Tindering towards the New Year

It’s tinder, but a girl can hope. Or is that asking to much?

I am so full of hope it is ridiculous. I am looking under every electronic rock looking for Prince Charming. So why not tinder? I’ve heard mixed reviews about it not being the shallow end of the dating pool. I know people who have lasting relationships that started with just a swipe to the right. So why not me. I’ll give it a whirl.

I crafted a simple profile, realizing not too many people read them but I do put in a rider. My equivalent of the Brown M&M clause. I state, specifically:

¬†Looking for a fun, fit stable guy who can take the time to add the “a” and the “e” to the word “are” and the “y” and the “o” to “You.”

I am not a grammarian and I really don’t care if someone take shortcuts but like so many things, it’s the thought that counts. we are all on smart phones nowadays. It will not take 17 clicks to type out a three letter word. So, for the love of wanting to get laid – can you take the fucking time to read a 120 character profile then type out “Your are Stunning?”

Am I being unrealistic?

U R Stunning